How to post an article

  • Click Edit Posts at the top of the right sidebar (assuming you’re already logged in)
  • enter your username and password.
  • that will take you to the dashboard.
  • look down the left side and click Posts.
  • then click add new.

Now you can add a title, and type away. have a play with BOLD, and ITALIC and bullet points.

Just above the BOLD icon you’ll see the words Upload/Insert.

click the leftmost one to “Add an Image”.

after clicking that, you can chose a picture from your computer, and upload it.

The picture can’t be more than 2mb in size. Once you’ve selected your picture, you’ll see it upload.

Then have a look at all the options for your picture, do you want it on the left or the right?

finally, at the bottom, you want to set it as default, and then press “insert into post.”

Now you’ve finished your article. look on the right for the publish button, and you’re done!

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  1. Where is the Right Sidebar/Edit Posts option? I can’t find it on my version, it only has a search button.

    1. Thanks for spotting that Jim. This article is a leftover from the testing phase, when everyone was a contributor. If you’d like to write articles, I’d be happy to upgrade you from subscriber to contributor.

      It shows you’re checking the website though! Thanks!!

  2. I just had a quick look at the site and thought it was brill. Ann.Perrin
    P.S. What is a relevant URL I tried my and and it still went on about my URL where the hell is that! x

  3. HD or SD?
    I am thinking of upgrading my camera and editing studio.
    As HD appears to be the way to go I am thinking of a camera in the range £800 to £900, Panasonic TM900 for example and upgrading my Pinnacle Studio.
    My main query is if I record and edit in HD, how can I transfer the finished project to DVD without losing the high definition? Both my burners are standard DVD and I don’t know of any HD recorders that will do the job. BlueRay would probably be the answer, but then a BlueRay machine would be needed to play them through the HD TV which would restrict them being viewed by friends without the necessary equipment. If one has to convert HD to SD to make a DVD, what’s the point of HD in the first place?
    I am beginning to think that the hefty financial outlay required to go HD isn’t worth it at the moment.
    Although I have been videoing and editing for a few years I find myself, as a new member, badly out of touch with what equipment is available on the market today.
    I would be grateful for any help or advice on the above. Many thanks.

    1. John,
      I have been using an HD mini-dv camera for a few years now. When you transfer your HD frames to Pinnacle Studio you can chose whether to render to HD or DVD. If you have a blue-ray player it automatically upgrades the standard DVD disk to a better quality.
      Even if you have to compress the disk to accept more frames, like a long holiday, the quality will improve. If you render in HD it takes up a lot more room on the disk

    2. I’ve recently purchased a Panasonic HDC SD900 and I am delighted with the results. It is true that without a Blueray burner I don’t view my videos in true HD, but the quality is so much better. I use Avid Media Composer and sometimes Serif MoviePlusX5 for editing. Hope my thoughts are a help

  4. Hi John,

    Unfortunately we don’t have a “help area” on these forums but we do strongly recommend you pay a visit to the IAC Forums where you’ll be sure to find expert help from fellow film makers across the country and beyond!


    Or you could grab someone during a break at the next club meeting who could help you.

    I imagine the best advice you’ll get is to stick with SD for now. I know from personal experience that HD is a pain in the behind so best leave it to the pros! 😉

    Hope your find a suitable resolve to your query and thanks for supporting the site. 🙂

  5. Any chance of getting on the contributors list Chris? I’ve got quite a few article plans which might be interesting for people to read on the site.

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