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My Favourite Films – Bob Wyeth

  BOB WYETH   In no particular order:   1. Mutiny On The Bounty (Dir. Frank Lloyd 1935) Starring Charles Laughton as the tough Captain Bligh of HMS Bounty, set in 1789 tells the true story of the mutiny on the ship led by Fletcher Christian (Clark Gable). Bligh is set off on a long […]

My Favourite Films – Mike Coad

how to get back with my ex girlfriend   MIKE COAD Looking through my list of top ten movies, it soon becomes evident that there is a strong bias towards musicals. This has been my favourite genre of film from an early age and I never tire of watching them. My taste in TV programmes […]

My Favourite Films – Mike Shaw

  MIKE SHAW Some films are great to watch – several times – and some make a real memorable impact that puts them into a prime ‘favourite’ list.  The films in my list aren’t all ‘classics’ – in fact many of the so-called ‘classics’ I have never seen or want to see (Gone with the […]

My Favourite Films – Chris Coulson

CHRIS COULSON I’ve agonised over this, and I can’t come up with a definitive list of my top 10, so I’m going to list a few films in no particular order that have great significance to me, and you have to watch before you die. I’m afraid they’re all entertaining films, so you’ll see no […]

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