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My Favourite Films – Derek Allen

  DEREK ALLEN The films that made the most impression on me would probably not have the same effect if I saw them to-day, as they are all from the Golden Age of Hollywood (1930 – 1940). My parents took me to see THE JAZZ SINGER, the first full-length movie with synchronised sound, but I […]

My Favourite Films – Peter Reilly

  PETER REILLY   Listed are my 10 most memorable films, all of these productions have left some unforgettable memories in my mind.   10. Silence Of The Lambs (Dir. Jonathan Demme 1991) An American thriller that blends elements of crime and horror, a young FBI officer seeks the advice of an imprisoned serial killer […]

My Favourite Films – Alan Smith

  ALAN SMITH   In no particular order:   1. Things To Come (Dir. William Cameron Menzies 1936) As a youngster I almost believed it.   2. It’s A Wonderful Life (Dir. Frank Capra 1946) A feel good film to end them all.   3. Great Expectations (Dir. David Lean 1946) Dickens as he should […]

My Favourite Films – Colin Jones

  COLIN JONES In no particular order:   1. The Summer of 42 (Dir. Robert Mulligan 1971) With most films the effect it has upon you depends partly upon your state of mind at the time. I found it profoundly moving as well as amusing as it captured the struggle of boys in early adolescence […]

My Favourite Films – Mike Turner

  MIKE TURNER I was born into a film fanatical family and we went to the cinema at least once a week, sometimes twice and occasionally three times. One of my happiest memories was joining the queue for the 1/6d seats at the Odeon Morden, Granada North Cheam or the Gaumont Rose Hill. My choice of […]

My Favourite Films – Cherie Hamlet-Smith

  CHERIE HAMLET-SMITH   Presented in chronological order and not in order of preference:   1. All Quiet On The Western Front (Dir. Lewis Milestone 1930) WW1 drama. An award-winning film portraying the tragedy of warfare during the ‘War to End All Wars’.   2. This Happy Breed (Dir. David Lean 1944) From one of […]

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