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‘Deception’ the background story

OVFM is an eclectic mix of people of all ages, abilities and interests and consequently the films made by OVFM members reflect that variety. Two relative youngsters associated with OVFM are Vice-chairman Sam Brown and his friend and colleague Adam Beveridge. The two of them have collaborated on many projects and have received well deserved […]

My Top Ten entry ‘Census’

The Making of “Census” By Bob Vine For my upcoming top ten entry entitled ‘Census’, I thought it may be useful to share my experiences in making what is only my third short film! To come up with an idea for a script is hard, especially something original, but my wife Joan and I usually […]

OVFM 2014 Spring Show a huge success!

Thanks to our press officer Mike Shaw, the world (well in Orpington at least) has heard the good news about the success of our Spring Show: “Orpington Video & Film Makers Spring Show – held at the Methodist Hall Orpington on Friday 21st March – attracted close on 200 people – one of their largest crowds […]

Scriptwriting with Celtx Pt 2

  SCRIPTWRITING WITH CELTX Part 2: Writing Your Script   Hello Folks Here we go with the second part of my Celtx demo. If you missed the first part or need a refresher, you can find it HERE. On with the lesson! WRITING YOUR SCRIPT Presumably you have already written a synopsis and a treatment […]

Scriptwriting with Celtx Pt 1

  SCRIPTWRITING WITH CELTX Part 1:  Getting Started Hello Folks Further to the recent Celtx demo I gave at the club meeting on the 12th of November, I figured that since there was a lot of information to impart at half an hour wasn’t long enough – plus my awkward presentation skills probably made it […]

View From The Chair – Feb 4th 2013

  The day Animal Planet came to film! What an exciting month I’ve had! It started with a call from Animal Planet TV on a Friday, saying that they’d seen my cat behaviour channel on YouTube, and they’d like to film and interview me and the cats for a series called “My Pets Gone Viral”. […]

720p or 1080i?

720p or 1080i? by Brian Pfeiffer   Is anyone thinking of buying a new Camcorder?  As my mini-dv camcorder is showing its age I’ve been thinking about replacing it with an HD device.  So I’ve been searching the ‘net and magazines for useful information and likely models.  Obviously there are many things to consider: I’d […]

Tips for Film Students

Tips for Film Students I’ve chatted with a few media students this month, and ‘m not sure how to feel, I’m either disappointed or confused.. I’m always saddened by people and The Media when they run down Media Studies as a subject. It’s not necessarily a useless subject, and teaches relevant skills. Sadly I think […]

The Video Players

The Video Players Article Cover Image

Ever since I started putting together videos for myself and not just for corporates, I’ve come across exactly the same problem. It’s a problem that people at every club that I’ve ever visited has also raised – whether it’s Maybelline pregnant. Few for just cheap pharmacy waaay were reaching brand. actual real-life video recording, or […]

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