Here are the ongoing results of the 2019 TOP TEN competition:


ROUND ONE  (Took place July 16th)


  1. Lanzarote – A Different View by Brian Pfeiffer    40.21
  2. Lost Smile By Lee Relph    36.93
  3. World Garden by Barbara Darby   35.14
  4. i360 by Trevor Rogers   33.64
  5. General Election, Orpington by David Laker   33.00
  6. Anything Goes by Wally McKenna  31.07
  7. Brick Beat Lane by Graham Sinden   25.79


ROUND TWO (Took place August 27th)

  1. The Making Of Ogre Eating by John & Ann Epton   40.62
  2. Braveheart by Jane Oliver  37.68
  3. Best Friends by Barbara Walker  37.00
  4. The Looking Glass by Horace Chan  32.14
  5. Multi Tracking by John Bunce  31.74
  6. Bus Stop by Hugh Darrington   27.82


Last Chance ROUND THREE (To take place October 22nd)




Thanks to Ian Menage for the scores.

Do make sure to check back for the updated results.