It’s been a while since we’ve held a session like this in OVFM but with a few new members now among our ranks, it’s time to one again open up the floor to our resident experts who are willing to share their wisdom and years of experience with the rest of us in the art of filmmaking.

The line-up has yet to be confirmed but we can hope that previous contributors club president Reg “Bomber” Lancaster and Professor Mike Shaw will be willing candidates to hold court and answer our questions as best they can.

Whatever the subject, be it editing, setting up the camera, framing, composition, getting the lighting, etc. if there is anything that has been bothering you, or you don’t quite understand or simply are on the look out for advice on your next filmmaking related purchase, do be sure to take advantage of this opportunity to get the answers and guidance you need.

So get your thinking caps on and we’ll see you on Tuesday with your questions!

3 comments on “OVFM CLUB MEETING TUESDAY OCTOBER 25th 2016”

  1. Andy

    Have I missed something? I thought this was Colin’s evening – ‘Colin’s Corny Corner’ Or was I asleep – again- during a committee meeting? only joking…I think!

    • Lee Relph

      No, Freddy changed it because…well, you’ll have to ask her why but I’m not going to argue with her. What Freddy wants, Freddy gets – that’s the golden rule isn’t it? 😛

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