Rambling On

In anticipation of the OVFM ramble on Sunday 21st August Deborah and I were out at the weekend boldly going into the unknown (well!!) on your behalf.

We were soaking up the sights, breathing in the fresh air and indulging in a little cream tea action for your benefit. It's a tough life in the OVFM!how to use apple facetime on ipad 2

unlit hill” src=”http://www.ovfm.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/hill-300×200.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”200″ />

As a little taster of what you might see if you join us on the 21st here are a few snaps for your delectation

More information on the ramble will be released in due course, but in the meantime dust off your gear (photographic and cinemagraphic) and get in the mood for some fun in the sun (or enjoyment under the rainment). 


2 comments on “Rambling On”

  1. Chris Coulson

    Looks to me like that cow’s looking at you and licking his lips!

    Did you run for it after taking that picture?

    • Malcolm Goodwin

      Ps: Why would a big chap be frightened of cows?

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