Filmmaking is a process about which we never stop learning no matter how long we’ve been involved in it. This might be down to the ever changing technology of the cameras, the editing software, the addition of new handy peripherals and in how we can share our films over the internet.

Our very own Professor Mike Shaw has begun a series of video tutorials to benefit club members and visitors to this site alike with helpful hints, tricks and explanations that will improve your editing, your filming techniques and to keep us updated with the latest online programmes that enhance the post production stage of video editing.

The videos are embedded into the page so all you have to do is press play (to access the full screen function select the square made from four tiny triangles at the bottom right hand side of the video window, in between the “HD” and “Vimeo” logos), sit back and pay attention.

Please be sure to check in on this page as it will be updated on a regular basis.

Thanks to Mike for his hard work in putting this tutorials together for us and enjoy!





Updated December 31st 2016